Thursday, 15 January 2015

What's your mantra?

In an image-conscious beauty industry, product packaging is critical to market success. Working with the ‘Happiness Is’ brand to create innovative premium labels for their beauty & personal care products, Royston Labels has provided another example of applying technical expertise and utilisation of multi-process printing in developing innovative cost effective packaging for brands.

The silver labels were created by printing in up to 8 translucent colours onto a metallic base material, thereby providing a myriad of metallic effects. The process ensured that there were absolutely no gaps in the label from the shoulder of the tube up to the very top and end of the crimp, which produced a totally seamless effect.

The clear labels allowed the colour of the product to be seen, yet decoration was extended into the crimp area of the tube again giving an alternative and interesting look to the packaging.

The ‘Happiness Is mantra’ is dedicated to “achieving a higher state of happiness for everyone through positivity and optimism” - we are confident that our labels reflect a freshness and purity that embodies this statement.

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