Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Products That Stand Out

We pride ourselves on the support we offer our customers – we apply our proven expertise to make sure they get the best possible shelf stand-out from their label designs. (We’ve been in the labelling business for more than 30 years, so we should know a thing or two!) 


Here are a few comments from our customers who’ve benefited from our approach:

 “Royston labels have provided us with an unprecedented level of support on a number of projects. I simply cannot recommend them highly enough.”

“They (Royston Labels) offer a wealth of product knowledge, helpful day to day sales contacts and quality labels.” 

“We are delighted with the advice and technical assistance Royston Labels provided.”

“The (Royston Labels’) technical knowledge, customer support and services were second to none. Since launch, the on-going support has ensured maximum sales output.”

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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Luxury, Labelled

Luxury packaging is critical for prestige brands and retailers offering a mid to high end product. It’s the pack that has to communicate, convince and reassure customers of the value inside. It is also a stamp of approval and recognition which, especially in the case of luxury brands, is a crucial differentiator.

Here are a few design features that often benchmark lux packaging: 

Labels that are raised, soft or otherwise interesting to touch give off a level of prestige that has been tried-and-tested by many premium brands. Embossing is a commonly used technique, as is the use of tactile laminates.

Foiling, and gloss varnishes add shine, while matte and silk give a soft, lux finish. Contrasting these opulent effects on the same packaging ensures a generous end result.  Mixing textures such as warm and cool is another great way to engage consumer senses when the pack is handled.

Delivering products in a package that smells unique goes a long way towards furthering the experience of luxury. Any fragrance can be encapsulated in a printed label, offering prestige brands the chance to add their hallmark scent.

Focusing on heritage and craftsmanship often projects a look of discreet opulence and prestige. Invisible labels offer a fine detailed finish while blending seamlessly with the packaging component.

Execution is everything when it comes to luxury goods, as even the most perfect design can be let down by poor quality production, or badly specified materials. Ensuring that quality is considered throughout the life-cycle of the packaging is vital, ensuring that the consumer’s experience stands up to their preconception of luxury.

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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Peel n Read Labels & OTC Pharmaceuticals

With the PAGB (Proprietaty Association of Great Britain) and the big pharma companies campaigning to promote self-care, Research and Markets  projects that the market for over the counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals will grow by 2.3% and 2.5% 2014/2015 and 2015/2016, respectively. In this competitive and stringent sector, brand differentiation can conflict with efforts to save money through packaging optimisation.

Our advanced peel and read labels offer a unique compromise, whereby brands can include detailed product information on their packaging, without compromising on design. They’re comprised from a decorative top layer which can be peeled away from the base to reveal information printed on the inside.

The integration of the patient information with the pack overcomes some other common problems with OTC packaging, such as patient misuse that may occur if customers end up throwing the inner leaflet away.

Packaging differentiation can also be a very important strategy for pharmaceutical brands who wish to make it hard for generic entrants to imitate their products. By opting to use peel n read labels, companies can add high quality foiling and decoration, while taking into consideration safety, cost and environmental concerns.

To find out more about pharmaceutical labelling visit our website or download our whitepaper.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Quality Matters

At Royston Labels we believe that quality is of vital importance, because our labels are the medium through which our customers communicate their branding and product information. 

We take great pride in our work and we don’t cut corners - scrimping on things can have a devastating impact on the way the labels look, feel and perform. We mitigate this risk for our customers by:
  • Employing 100% digital inspection at every stage of the process 
  • Investing in our team of experts
  • Sourcing the best materials
  • Being accredited to ISO 9001 and PS 9000 quality standards 
  • Quality assuring all labels manually (in addition to automatic inspection)   

Our thorough operational practices mean that we reliably deliver on time and in full, and that our labels are tailor made to deliver excellent, eye-catching results on the shelf.