Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Metamorphosing beauty

To promote our innovations, here is a label design which provides another example of Royston Labels' technical expertise and utilisation of multi-process printing in developing innovative packaging for brands. Call us on 01763 212020 to find out more.

Here's how we did it...
    • Silver foil was printed onto a white synthetic substrate.
    • A set of colours were then printed over the top of the foil to produce a high metallic finish.
    • The high quality of our Cdi plates allow us to really match the details of the thousands of tiny scales which form a butterfly’s wings.
    • A specialised matt textured synthetic substrate was then applied to mimic the texture of a butterfly’s wings.
    • Clear silk screen varnish was then applied over the abdomen and wings to give a three dimensional appearance.
    • High quality gloss silk screen with a strong pigmented ink was used to print the company name and logo.
    • Finally a newly invented sparkled satin spot varnish was added.

    Monday, 9 March 2015

    Label innovation to maximise on-shelf appearance

    All brands will say that the competition for product differentiation and ‘shelf-shout’ is relentless. Finding that edge to enhance brand image and maximise on-shelf appearance has become more critical than ever; it’s no surprise therefore that label manufacturers have emerged as the real packaging innovators and are consistently going the extra mile to help brands sell more product.

    Take the case of men’s skincare brand, Bulldog - an established, successful business looking to increase their market share in the highly competitive retail world of ‘men’s grooming’. Already sporting a visually strong and appealing brand style, Bulldog were after that little bit extra and asked us for ideas.

    Following discussion and collaboration, the ‘topper’ label was created - a clear rigid marketing device that can stand up naturally (in this case on the crimp end of the product - see photo) and which is cut to a special shape to enhance the overall aesthetics of the label.

    The label is affixed to the product by adhesive used on a small part of the design, thereby ensuring that it remains perfectly clean and intact even with consumer handling. The label is also capable of being removed from the product without leaving residue and can be decorated in 5 colours to an extremely high quality.
    Although being used for a tube in Bulldog’s case, as an innovation to enhance on-shelf presence, this label concept has an application on almost any packaging component, such as sachets or even the carton itself. And despite only one side on the topper being used on Bulldog’s product, it is possible to print on both sides of the label, thereby allowing for the addition of more marketing messages as required.

    Bulldog are delighted with the innovation.