Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Metamorphosing beauty

To promote our innovations, here is a label design which provides another example of Royston Labels' technical expertise and utilisation of multi-process printing in developing innovative packaging for brands. Call us on 01763 212020 to find out more.

Here's how we did it...
    • Silver foil was printed onto a white synthetic substrate.
    • A set of colours were then printed over the top of the foil to produce a high metallic finish.
    • The high quality of our Cdi plates allow us to really match the details of the thousands of tiny scales which form a butterfly’s wings.
    • A specialised matt textured synthetic substrate was then applied to mimic the texture of a butterfly’s wings.
    • Clear silk screen varnish was then applied over the abdomen and wings to give a three dimensional appearance.
    • High quality gloss silk screen with a strong pigmented ink was used to print the company name and logo.
    • Finally a newly invented sparkled satin spot varnish was added.

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