Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Luxury, Labelled

Luxury packaging is critical for prestige brands and retailers offering a mid to high end product. It’s the pack that has to communicate, convince and reassure customers of the value inside. It is also a stamp of approval and recognition which, especially in the case of luxury brands, is a crucial differentiator.

Here are a few design features that often benchmark lux packaging: 

Labels that are raised, soft or otherwise interesting to touch give off a level of prestige that has been tried-and-tested by many premium brands. Embossing is a commonly used technique, as is the use of tactile laminates.

Foiling, and gloss varnishes add shine, while matte and silk give a soft, lux finish. Contrasting these opulent effects on the same packaging ensures a generous end result.  Mixing textures such as warm and cool is another great way to engage consumer senses when the pack is handled.

Delivering products in a package that smells unique goes a long way towards furthering the experience of luxury. Any fragrance can be encapsulated in a printed label, offering prestige brands the chance to add their hallmark scent.

Focusing on heritage and craftsmanship often projects a look of discreet opulence and prestige. Invisible labels offer a fine detailed finish while blending seamlessly with the packaging component.

Execution is everything when it comes to luxury goods, as even the most perfect design can be let down by poor quality production, or badly specified materials. Ensuring that quality is considered throughout the life-cycle of the packaging is vital, ensuring that the consumer’s experience stands up to their preconception of luxury.

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