Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Beautiful Labels for the Drinks Industry

Within the beverage sector, self-adhesive labelling is growing in popularity around the world, and with good reason! There are both creative and functional advantages to labelling drinks products - as supermarkets take over from smaller retailing outlets, the need to be different and stand-out is greater than ever.

What brands are looking for now

We’ve seen an increasing demand from drinks brands for transparent label base materials, especially on spirits drinks and other glass bottles. Our carefully specified labels deliver great ‘wet-out’ which means they’re practically invisible on the bottle.

Another trend in beverage packaging is gold and silver embellishments, which really add an extra-premium finish to the bottle. We’re experts in cold foiling, a technology that we can combine with multiple other printing processes to phenomenal effect. 

A third label effect to mention is added surface texture. In order to appeal to customers on more than one level, many brands are seeking tactile enhancements for their bottle labels. In these cases we often use special varnishes to deliver raised effects that customers can feel when they lift the bottle from the shelf. (And now we have a new soft-touch material in our repertoire too!)

Our special offering

Our beautiful self-adhesive labels allow drinks brand owners to reflect their own unique design values. We offer a huge array of decorative options which can be combined together on the same label, such as raised and textured labels, beautiful metallic enhancements, and colour-shifting inks. Check out our Twitter and Pinterest feeds for lots of design inspiration!

We also deliver on functionality - our high-quality labels are resistant to moisture and temperature, and they can withstand environmental factors such as ice box storage and high speed bottling lines. Our labels are 100% digitally inspected to make sure they’re always fit for purpose. Request more info.

With our 30 years of experience at helping brands to get the best performance from their labels, we can provide expert service every step of the way.

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