Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Soft Drinks Packaging Insights

In the last 2 years soft drinks sales have exploded, climbing by nearly 15%, as a growing number of adults are choosing to avoid or reduce their alcohol consumption. Two common design and branding themes that we’ve seen drinks companies opting for are:
  • Vibrant colours and a health-orientated feel 
  • A strong sense of style and sophistication (especially where bubbles are involved)
A critical factor for brands looking for success in this lucrative market (now worth more than £157 million per year), is their product’s ability to be noticed in a crowded environment. Given that most soft drinks are packaged in glass bottles or are turning to flexible packaging, labelling technologies offer one of the best methods of decoration – allowing brands to communicate their messages from the shelf, and give their product ranges as much visibility as possible. 

We have found that spot gloss, foiling and ultra-clear labels are very popular in this sector. Click here to learn more about bottle labels.

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