Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Want to get noticed? Go invisible…

We’ve witnessed a steadily growing demand for ‘invisible’ or ‘no-look’ label solutions. This trend reflects the ever increasing pressure on brands to offer stand-out packaging - research suggests that up to 60% of consumer’s initial selections are based on look alone, having little to do with what’s written on the pack. Labelling technologies are extremely flexible, and top quality manufacturers (like us!) can produce sleek, premium and highly decorative packaging effects.

There are several ways that this outcome can be achieved, and we’ve worked through the processes with each of them to deliver beautiful results. Take a look at some of these examples:

  • Labels that are tailor made to match the surface of the component perfectly
  • Labels that are ultra-transparent and can hardly be seen at all
  • Stealthy tube labels that are crimped into the pack
  • Clever label designs that are expertly specified and carefully printed

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