Thursday, 24 July 2014

Stand Out with Sustainable Packaging

Many companies and designers choose PET plastic packaging for their products - it’s a great material because it’s strong, transparent and can withstand a broad spectrum of temperatures. But when the substance chosen to label them is incompatible, these bottles can be wasted in the recycling process.

We can offer both clear and opaque label materials that are 100% recyclable, and actually allow the old packaging to be remanufactured into new bottles. This type of up-cycling promotes sustainability which is recognised throughout the supply chain - from brand owners & packaging designers to raw material suppliers, converters, & consumers.

The main idea is to make it easier for waste management companies to recover more materials, but many brand owners also recognise that sustainability can offer a significant point of differentiation. Retailers and consumers are both influenced by environmental factors, and more sustainable brands are becoming increasingly more popular.

The films we offer are very thin, and deliver the same quality and clarity as alternative label materials. These labels can be printed and decorated in just the same way as other material choices, so they’re an easy way to make PET packaging recyclable and safely reusable.

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