Thursday, 17 July 2014

What’s Trending in Baby Care Packaging

Baby care products have really taken off (now catering to millions of babies each year), and a large part of the market is represented by baby body care products like washes and soothers. It’s really important that product labels in this competitive sector effectively communicates to parents, and reflects the caring, gentle nature of the products within.

These are some common design trends we’ve noticed:

  • Pastel colours –a gentle colour palate softens the mood and can help create a sense of peace and well being
  • Transparent containers – allowing Mums to see products through the packaging is a great way to reassure them about what's inside
  • Informal fonts– relaxed fonts are friendly and fun-loving, and can help make baby care products seem more personal and intimate
  • Soft finishes – Packaging that is soft to the touch is highly relevant in this sector, as it doubly reinforces kind and gentle messaging. 
  • Protective finishes - Because baby care products are often used at bath time, adding a protective varnish to labels helps protect them from water damage, or peeling, which could damage brand perception
  • Natural / organic / safe credentials – Not so much a design trend, but more and more parents are becoming savvy about the chemicals they use on their baby’s skin. Demonstrating that products are safe, natural and effective helps capitalise on this key decision factor 
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